Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thoughts on Polymer Clay

I have started re-exploring polymer clay lately. It was one of the first mediums I used when I began making dolls. The same allure the felt holds for me is what grabs me when I work with clay. I am tactile. I like the sensation of feeling. In felting, the lush texture of wool, the fibers entwined in my fingers, calls to me somehow. With clay, it is the feel of it yielding to me as my hands warm and manipulate it, bending it to my will. And the color. So very many hues and shades can be achieved by mixing a few colors together, in wool or in clay.
I often cruise the web, looking for other artists and exploring new techniques. I came across the work of Angelika Arendt on one such foray the other day. She has a fabulous sense of color, shape, and movement. She does things I haven't seen before. One of her clay sculptures is shown above. Enjoy!

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