Thursday, May 10, 2012

defining the doll
 so now its my turn to get in the discussion.
i think a doll is a toy.
first and last.
a toy based on the human figure.
a plaything.
that being said there are subtle variations,
a bit of wiggle room
i would like to add.
the doll is not always a plaything for a child,
(no one gets to take my dolls from 59 year old me!)
 and not always for fun.
the cool thing is that they can be dark
 as well as a source of joy.
they can be ugly, scary, an expression of pain.
and some of my favourite dolls are amalgams of animals and abstract objects with a little human thrown in for interest
in fact, the exploration of all these points and some i have not thought of is the reason i make dolls, and collect dolls, and am thrilled to talk and play with other people with doll passion.