Wednesday, April 6, 2011

from the department of monkey parts


you have to understand i am involved with two of the most interesting women.
we are engaged in an artistic adventure.
we make dolls, we spitball ideas, we eat, we laugh (god how we laugh),
we support each other in ways hard to put into words.
these are magnificent women and i love them to the bottom of my heart.
last night we had one of our doll nights.
in the middle of a stray conversation in a discussion about dolls and classes...
monkeys were mentioned in an offhanded joke.
up jumps emily and dashes off to the department of monkey parts.
you see we work at emily's house and she has the most amazing stashes of stuff.
we call them the departments...usually supplies.
but last night we hit the motherload of glee.
the department of monkey parts
back she comes with a handfull of silly.

my mood last night was this guy.
but it didn't last.
cuz of  the department of monkey parts.
so now i am working on the doll with monkey parts.
and i shout to the blessed stars
i love these women.
thank you joyce compton
thank you emily eckel
you rock my world


  1. LOL! I would have probably wet my panties from laughing so hard when I saw these.

  2. You're making me laugh all over again! Can't wait to see the monkey parts doll.