Wednesday, January 26, 2011


detail of the gnome bodhisattva
he needs some refining
but i likes him

and a new thought
a series of drawers from an old poorly made set
filled with my list of
things that are good
this is the moon

this is my day of the dead from the same series.
i think strange things are good


  1. Hey Chris, last night was fun making the rubber stamps. I trimmed them tonight we can mount them on wood sat. Glad you got the photos to load. Like the hard/soft, wood/clay transitions in the Boddhies. Adds personality & mystery.

  2. thanks, em.
    i had a blast last nite, too. talked to joyce. she is still down. having a time with doll due sat. told her to cut it out. really looking forward to sat. feel a good creative spurt coming on.